The Perfect Tee Shirt

What Makes the Perfect Tee Shirt? Like all things, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Some like them baggy, some like them fitted. Some want a good, thick fabric, others want them sheer. High sleeves, low sleeves, or no sleeves. Tightly tucked in or flowey and loose. Crisp and clean or that lived-in look. And not to mention color and graphics. The Perfect Tee Shirt is a sought after prize of many fashion designers, but it truely is a matter of personal taste.

Tee Shirt printing is a great way to make a statement. Screen prints are easy and cheap to mass produce, and can be customized for any occasion. More complicated methods, such as sublimation printing, can create detailed works of art that cover the entire surface area of the shirt.

You can find many places to get quality teeshirts of all these types, and many more places that will give you any color, pattern, or graphic that you like.

Links for finding your Perfect Tee Shirt:

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